What part of your life IS NOT influenced by politics or public policy?

Come engage our political science professors and students in this discussion through our courses and research. Blake Hall holds an exclusive spot near the Chancellor's residence hugging the edge of the hill and all are welcome to our corner of the campus. Use the links on this page to begin charting your future path in the private, public, or non-profit sector. We can create opportunities for you!

The Department of Political Science offers degrees for undergraduate (B.A., B.G.S.) and graduate (M.A., Ph.D.) students. If you have questions about our graduate or undergraduate programs, we invite you to contact us.  Our course offerings are grouped according to subfields which represent our discipline: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Politics, Public Policy and Political Theory.   People who are interested in joining our department are invited to peruse our faculty and graduate student listing in order to contact people who share their interest.

Don Haider-Markel, Professor & Chair

Kansas Representation Initiative (KUREP)
Working Group on Attributions and Politics
bulletAnti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Initiative

Protest and coercion data (28 European countries from 1980 through 1995) created by Prof. Ron Francisco

Advancing Pluralism, a web blog by Professor Paul Schumaker



McNair Scholars Program

Data about masks and Kansas was shared on Rachel Maddow, from Dr. Donna Ginther and her colleagues, our neighbors u… https://t.co/prjIsWVIS3

Books by faculty