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Burdett A. Loomis

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Political Science
Professor Emeritus
Primary office:


American politics, Congress, Interest groups, State legislatures

Loomis works with the Topeka & DC Internships




Burdett Loomis is publishing in 2015 the 9th edition of his co-edited Interest Group Politics; this volume includes his articles, "The Tea Party as an Interest: Movement? Group? Brand? Faction?" and "Advocacy in an Era of Inequality." Building on his 1988 book, the New American Politician, he contributed "Thinking about my Generation: The Impact of Large Congressional Cohorts" to the Forum. The 6th edition of his co-authored book, The Contemporary Congress, will appear in 2015. He has also published pieces on interest groups in 2014, as well as continuing to serve as co-editor of the international journal, Interest Groups & Advocacy. In the wake of his 2013 Fulbright in Australia, he has written two papers that compares representational disparities in the Australian and U.S. Senates, including one presented at the 2014 Australian Political Science Association meetings. He continues to work on a book on changes in Kansas politics in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as overseeing an oral history project for veteran Kansas state legislators.

Selected Publications

Loomis, B. A., Gray, V. Lowery, D. & Halpin, D. (in press). Beyond Metaphor: Populations and Groups, Interests, and Lobbyists. In , Population Ecology and Interest Groups: A Retrospective ( th ed.). .

Loomis, B. A. (in press). The University and the State. In , Book commemorating KU's 150th Anniversary( th ed.). University Press of Kansas.

Loomis, B. A. (2015). Interest Group Politics, Washington, DC: Sage/CQ Press.

Loomis, B. A. (in press). Kansas Pastoral: The Politics of Change, 1960-1975, University Press of Kansas.

Loomis, B. A. (2014). Lobbying as Information, Bribery and Intimacy (And Why it’s Good for Democracies).

Loomis, B. A. (2011). Guide to Interest Groups and Lobbying, CQ Press.

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