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Graduate Alum Updates and Reflections

News from Robert Rodriguez!
     Robert Rodriguez (Ph.D 2005) Associate Professor at Texas A & M University-Commerce has a book chapter in the Routledge Handbook of Tennis: History, Culture and Politics, edited by Robert J.Lake.  The chapter is entitled, "A brief historical, political and social analysis of Argentine tennis"

News of recent publications from Patrick Asingo!: 

Asingo, PO.  2018.  “Ethnicity and Political Inclusivity in Kenya: Retrospective Analysis and Prospective Solutions.” Ethnicity and Politicization in Kenya: The National Study. , Nairobi: Kenya Human Rights Commission Ethnicity and Politicization in Kenya

Asingo, PO.  2018.  “Relative Deprivation, Protests and Voting in Kenya.” Commonwealth and Comparative Politics. 56(1):65-83.

Asingo, PO.  2017.  “Policy Salience and Election Outcomes in Contemporary American Presidential Elections (1972 -2000).” Politics and Policy. 45(4):571-593.

 News of recent publications from Dan Chen!:

Dan Chen with John James Kennedy, and. 2018. “State Capacity and Cadre Mobilization in China: the Elasticity of Policy Implementation.” Journal of Contemporary China 27 (111):393-405.

Chen, Dan. 2017. “‘Supervision by Public Opinion’ or by Government Officials? Media Criticism and Central-Local Government Relations in China.” Modern China 43 (6): 620-645.

Chen, Dan. 2017. “Local Distrust and Regime Support: Sources and Effects of Political Trust in China.” Political Research Quarterly 70 (2): 314-326.

Chen, Dan. 2017. “Facilitating Public Service Provision: The Emerging Role of Municipal Television News in China.” The China Quarterly 229: 130-149

Update from Lydia Zubytska, who is happy to share pictures!..
" The Swedes are very proud of Uppsala University, the oldest in the country dating to 1477.."The first picture is the view straight form the door of the institute - the largest cathedral in Scandinavia is towering over the town, built around 12th century, rebuilt after fire in 1700.

Apparently back then they had to get a permission from the Pope to start a university, but they didn't need it for long because during the reformation in 1500's  the King of Sweden declared himself the head of Swedish Church and hid from his protesting bishops in the castle (the red building). He even had to add an additional bastion with cannons called Styrbyskop to keep the angry bishops away. Now the castle hosts a Peace Museum...

I am still to visit the University Museum (building with a ball on the dome), which houses  one of the six only "Art cabinets"  that holds

1,000 objects from around the 17th century world in a series secret and visible boxes and shelves.. Kind of precursor to internet perhaps

On the flip side, the sun sets at 3.40 pm... but then everyone goes home at 5" 


Reflections on time at KU ..


Placement information

Alexandra Middlewood (2019) Wichita State University

Colonel Todd A. Schmidt (2019) U.S. Army

Kristina Youngblood (2018) AEM Corporation

Sammy Badran (2018) Saint Martin’s University

Ryan Daugherty: Concordia University Wisconsin

Bronson Herrera (2018) Northwest Missouri State

Marcus Williamson (2018) Purdue University Northwest

Ben Rogers (2017) Norfolk State University

Lidiya Zubytska (2017) Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Brian Turnbull (2018) St. Petersburg College

Adam Brown (2017)  Saint Joseph, MO School District

Brittnee Carter (2017)   University of Kansas

Ranya Ahmed (2017)  Harvard University FXB Center for Health and Human Rights

Jacob Longaker (2016) Bates College

Saatvika Rai (2016) University of Toledo

Terilyn Huntington (2016)  Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Steven Sylvester (2016)  Utah Valley University

Luke Campbell (2015) Northwest Missouri State University

Chelsie Bright (2015)  Judicial Council of California,  Mills College

Steven Torrente (2015) University of Nebraska at Kearney

Alex Jorgensen (2015) Missouri State University

Brian Hanson (2015) Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Derek Glasgow(2015) Mercer University
Johnathon Kupka(2015) Garrison Commander U.S. Army Virginia

Thomas Ringenberg(2015) Rockhurst University

KeeHyun Ahn (2015) Ministry of National Defense Republic of Korea

Laura Dean (2014) Clayton State University

Dan Chen (2014) Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania

Juan Urbano (2014) Texas A&M University -Corpus Christie

Mark Harvey (2014) University of Saint Mary

Chris Kroh (2014) University of North Georgia

Cody Brown (2013) Univ of Zagreb

Matt Miles (2013) Brigham Young University-Idaho

Ryan Gibb (2013) Baker University

Kellee Kirkpatrick (2012) Idaho State University

Jim Stoutenborough (2010) Idaho State University

Byeonggu Lee (2010) Korean National Defense University

Heather Yates (2013) University of Central Arkansas

Linsey Moddelmog (2012) Washburn University

Pedro dos Santos (2012) Luther College

Micheal Struemph (2012) U.S. Government

Whitney Court (2012) College of Saint Benedict & Saint Johns University

Amber Dickinson (2012) Oklahoma State University

Patrick Asingo (2012) University of Nairobi

Andri Innes (2011) University of East Anglia

Alana Querze (2011) West Virginia University

Baris Kesgin (2011) Susquehanna University

Christian Cantir (2011) Oakland University

Ken Aikins (2011) Institute for Development Studies, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Matt Beverlin (2011) Rockhurst University

Gail Rodriguez (2010) Exective Director, Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance

Will Delehanty (2010) Missouri Southern State

Andrea Vieux (2010) University of Central Florida

Byeonggu Lee (2010) Korean National Defense University

Peter Picucci (2008) Institute for Defense Analysis

Holona LeAnne Ochs (2007) LeHigh University

Bonnie Johnson (2006) University of Kansas (Urban Planning Department)

Frank Liu (2006) National Sun-Yet-San University

Carly Hayden-Foster (2005) Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Taehyun Nam (2005) Salisbury University

Robert Rodriguez (2005) Texas A&M University Commerce

Jeremy Walling (2005) Southeast Missouri State University

Mahalley Allen (2005) University of California-Chico

David Bunch (2005) U.S. Department of Defense

Jaekwon Cha (2004) Dong Eui University

Curtis Wood (2004) Northern Illinois University

Alex Aguado (2003) Univ of North Alabama

David Brichoux (2003) University of Missouri Kansas City

Eric Sexton (2002) VP of Student Affairs & Exec.Director of Athletics, Wichita State

Kara Lindaman (2002) Winona State University

Steven Garrison (2002)  Midwestern State University, Texas

Gary Johnson (2001) University North Carolina, Charlotte

Yoojong Jeon (2001)

Jeff Beasley (2001)

William Flynt (2000)  Department of Defense





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